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Str8 Clear Aligners: Are they REALLY the best?

We’re going to say it -- adult braces feel archaic. Through all of the tech advancements we’ve gone through, a mouth full of metal doesn’t really scream, FUTURE. However... invisible braces has a much better ring.

Clear aligners are invisible, discreet, and straighten your teeth just as well as metal braces. With less time, fewer check-ups, and way less cuts and brackets, we’re recommending aligners to anyone and everyone.

As at-home teeth aligners become more and more popular, the market has become so saturated we don’t even know where to start. To keep it simple, we’re going to review top-rated clear aligner brands in areas like price, results, and overall experience to see who has the best invisible braces.

We’ve had our eyes on Str8 Oral Care, so we're here to talk about it!

Here’s what we found:

Key Similarities To Other Brands:

  • All are made from clear plastic
  • All are less visible than regular braces
  • All are designed to give you straighter teeth

Key Differences:

  • Treatment with Str8 Oral Care costs about $1,234.00 and offer a 12 month financing/membership option.
  • Treatment with other brands costs between $1500-$3,000
  • Str8 gives you virtual access to your treating doctor via telehealth
  • Other brands involve regular in-person visits to your dentist
  • Candid only works with Orthodontists

Str8 Oral Care Overview:

Str8 Oral Care was founded on the idea that affordable and premium dental care should be available for everyone. 

To activate your smile, Str8 Oral Care will first get a better understanding of the shape your teeth are currently in. You can order an impression kit to your home that you send back in a prepaid mailer.

Once Str8 has received the impressions of your teeth, your custom-made aligners are shipped directly to you in just a few weeks. You can track your progress through their app and you have access to their dental team 24/7. Unlike some other brands or normal braces, Str8 never requires you to shave your teeth or have buttons and attachments glued to your teeth.


While we were pretty blown away by all the unique offerings each brand included, we’re going with Str8 Oral Care. Straightening your teeth can be pretty daunting, but having access to your progress on the app and a dentist available 24/7 gives us peace of mind that we’re always on the right track.

Str8 really meets us on our level and offers the best results. They offer financing options - choose a one-time payment of $1234 or get started with just $123 down followed by a 12 month membership!

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